Archaeological sites



Only 4 km from Kamilari Luxury Residences is the archaeological site of Phaistos. Minoan palace dated 1700-4150 BC. Numerous people visit the spot every year to tour the palaces and tour the archaeological sites where the excavations began in 1900 and new discoveries have been made in the area.

Holy Triad

The Agia Triada of Heraklion, Crete, as an archaeological site, is placed along the northern slope of the hill of Agios Georgios Galatas, about 3 km west of the Phaistos palace and was inhabited in the 3rd millennium BC. It is designated as the summer palace of the kings of Phaistos.

Kamilari Tholos tomb

Located just 700 meters from Kamilari Luxury Residences, this is an important find dating back to 2000 BC and discovered by Doro Levi in 1959.


At about 10km from Kamilari Luxury Residences is the ancient city of Gortyna. Was inhabited in 3000 BC.


Kamilari, 702 00, Crete

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