Kalamaki Beach

It is a long sandy and organized beach 2 km of the houses. In Kalamaki beach the visitor will find cafes and restaurants next to the sea as well as tourist shops with various souvenirs from Crete. Sun loungers and umbrellas are available free of charge from the shops.

Matala Beach

Matala beach is the famous beach of South Crete, which became known as the hippie residence of the 60s and 70s. From various parts of the world, young adults seeking adventure found shelter in the caves of Matala beach. The evenings, bars and beach taverns are full of people, both natives and tourists. This popular destination is just 4 km from Kamilari Luxury Residences.

Kommos Beach


Kommos beach is located at the southern edge of Messara Bay and is approximately 1.5 km from Kamilari. Kommos, in antiquity, was the port of Festos and next to the beach there are still ruins of the ancient city. Basically, this is a huge beach divided into two parts. The northern part of the beach, also called Potamos, is one of the largest beaches to choose as a destination (for nudists also). It is a secluded beach, not organized, while there are no hotels or catering facilities around, as this area has been designated as a protected archaeological zone. Unlike the northern, the southern part of the beach is well organized, with umbrellas, sun loungers, showers and lifeguard. In Kommos the visitor can enjoy one of the most enchanting sunsets on Crete overlooking the islets called paximadia.

Kokkinos Pyrgos Beach


Kokkinos pyrgos beach is located in the center of southern Crete, overlooks the Libyan Sea, Agia Galini and the small islands of Paximadia. The distance from Kamilari is about 4 km. In front of the settlement there is a long sandy beach with shallow water, which has umbrellas and deck chairs. It starts west of the settlement and extends for many kilometers east to Kommos.Kokkinos pirgos Beach is known worldwide as it hosts Caretta Caretta sea turtles that incubate their eggs in the summer and are protected by the Sea Turtle Protection Organization. The beach is divided into two sections. The eastern section, from the port of the Red Tower to the airport, is called Katalyki. Northwest of the port of Red Tower begins the long beach of Makrymalianoi (also known as Kakoskalo), which extends to Agia Galini.

Agiofarago Beach

Agiofarago, which was named after the 300 hermits who practiced it, is a small 1 km long gorge in the south of Matala. The gorge (30 minutes walking) ends at a beach surrounded by tall, imposing rocks. It is a unique beauty, secluded beach with fine pebbles and deep, crystal clear waters.Access to it, either through the gorge or by boat from Kali Limenes, Matala and Agia Galini. Around 250 meters before the beach is the temple of Agios Antonios, built in the 14th century and next to it a well . Also, on the rocks, to the left of the church, is formed a huge cave, Goumospilio, which is illuminated inside by a hole on the roof and was the meeting place of the ascites of the area, once a year. The beach is about 15 km from the houses.

Agia Galini Beach


Agia Galini is a picturesque seaside village located between Rethymno and Heraklion and about 20 km from Kamilari. This small town is bustling with life in the summer months and provides all the necessary tourist amenities. The natural beauty of the landscape, the emerald beaches, the steep sea caves in the west and the serenity of the sea have made this village a favorite destination for thousands of visitors. To the east of the harbor begins a long sandy beach, which extends eastwards to the Red Tower. The sea is always calm, but also blur due to the river.The part of the beach near the harbor is very well organized and provides all the necessary amenities. In the area next to the river there are traces of an ancient temple dedicated to the goddess Diana (Artemis).


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